_ Tech Lady Hackathon + Training Day by leahbannon

Tech Lady Hackathon + Training Day

A day for women from experienced coders to total newbies to gather for civic hacking and training in a supportive environment.

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Questions? Ideas? Contact founder @leahbannon, or this year's organizers Jessica Garson, Joy Whitt, and Kate Rabinowitz.

Interested in Supporting Tech Lady Hackathons?

We need funding, (big!) space in DC, food, and tech trainers to make the Tech Lady Hackathons a success. Donors are recognized in several ways:

  • they are thanked at the beginning of the hackathon during announcements/breakfast,
  • their logo will appear on the main page of the website (leading up to the next hackathon that they are supporting, and then on this page thereafter), and
  • they are welcome to host a tech training session and distribute any stickers or other schwag.

Previous Tech Lady Hackathon Donors