_ Tech Lady Hackathon + Training Day by leahbannon

Tech Lady Hackathon + Training Day

A day for women from experienced coders to total newbies to gather for civic hacking and training in a supportive environment.

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Questions? Ideas? Contact founder @leahbannon, or this year's organizers Jessica Garson, Joy Whitt, and Kate Rabinowitz.

Tech Lady Hackathon + Training Day DC #4 is complete.

See highlights from Twitter and get ready for next year!


We started this to get more women into tech. Coders, tech strategists, newbies, nerds, and the curious are all welcome! Hundreds of women gather for a day of friendly learning and hacking.

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What to expect at the event

Training:  We offer training and mentoring workshops all day. No prior knowledge of code is necessary. Some examples of classes are: Intro to... APIs, Python, GitHub, html/CSS, and data viz.

Hackathon:  This is a civic hackathon, and we usually work on projects from community organizations like Code for DC, but you're welcome to bring anything and pitch it.

New to hackathons? Not sure what to expect, bring, or do? Check out this post: What to expect at a hackathon.

Questions? Ideas? Advice?

Reach out to founder Leah Bannon via Twitter with any questions or ideas for Tech Lady Hackathon, or you can check out her personal site at Leah.io. Reach out to Jessica Garson, Joy Whitt, or Kate Rabinowitz for questions or ideas about this year's hackathon.

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